Copes With Energy Conservation and Energy Efficiency in a Local Community

12 Jan

Cenergistic Energy is a clean energy company that has been operating since 2021. The company was founded by Henk Tellem, who is also the founder of the Tellem Method, which promotes energy efficiency through design and construction of homes and other buildings. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Architecture at the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands' top architectural college. From there, he established a number of companies, most notably Nederland, which specializes in environmentally-friendly home construction and design. After retiring from Nederland, Mr. Tellem founded Cenergistic Energy to provide "eco-friendly" and "affordable" alternatives to the traditional building materials used in the construction industry.
By creating the Nederland Energeo KA, the company began offering the services of energy specialists for clients across the country. These energy specialists are trained professionals that offer non-penetration building audits and report the results of those audits. The Nederland Energeo KA conducts its own in-house building audits, while working closely with clients to provide them with reliable energy savings reports. The Nederland Energeo KA also provides other types of energy usage audits and reports as well, which are sent to the client's email or fax. Building audits are essential for the client's long-term sustainable energy usage and management.

In March of 2021, the Nederland Energeo KA announced the formation of a new organization: the Nederland Environmental Assessment Agency (NECA). The new organization would combine Nederland's building audits and other energy services into a single, comprehensive service. The Nederland Environmental Assessment Agency offers several different types of energy-efficient building audits, including high school district rating reductions, as well as comprehensive building audits that use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques. In June of 2021, the company began offering a voluntary program for high school district and municipal clients to reduce the amount of energy that is consumed by buildings. A second program offers low-interest, zero-interest federal loans to help offset the cost of energy efficiency improvements to commercial buildings nationwide. You'll want to know about the best energy conservation companies now. 

It should be noted that although the Nederland Energeo KA serves the Nederland High School District and the city of Rochester, it does not have jurisdiction over the independent school district in question, the Monroe County school board. Nevertheless, the Nederland Energeo KA is attempting to strengthen its own authority and influence over the Monroe County school board, which is a chair elected by the parents of students in the district. Last fall, the Energeo KA launched a website to promote an initiative that would seek to: "harmonize" the efforts of school districts throughout Monroe County to "aggressively" address the "school climate crisis". This initiative seeks to identify and reduce school-related "efficiencies" and "waste", while seeking to build "a culture of energy conservation that will serve the entire school system and the entire community." The mission statement of the organization goes on to state that this will be achieved through "comprehensive, system-wide energy efficiency strategies" and by "complementing" the work of the county's energy management companies. Do look up energy sustainability companies information now. 

At first glance, one might believe that this particular non-profit organization and their alliance with the county government and county schools are just another ploy by the energy conservation program to make money. However, upon further examination, we discovered that the following individuals are currently serving as board of directors for the Nederland Energeo KA: Frank White, former CEO of the Nederland Energeo KA; John Deere, former CEO of the Deere Company; and Amy Murray, a former county economic development director and member of the county's economic development committee. Further research reveals that Mr. White is not only involved with the Nederland Energeo KA in a "non-business capacity" but also serves as an economic development consultant for the group. On page 8 of the same document where the aforementioned executives are listed, it is stated that "the board members are dedicated to educating residents on energy conservation and economic development and to building a stronger foundation for the businesses in the area". It is quite apparent from the information contained within this document that these individuals are indeed serving the communities on an organizational level in order to strengthen their foundation. Get basic info on renewable energy here:

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